Updating Employee Status

Updating your employee status to 'Terminated' or 'Active' can be done from your MarylandSaves portal through the 'Employees' tab. 

  1. Select an employee from your employee list to view their profile
  2. From the profile screen, select the 'Employment' tab
  3. Then select the 'Edit'  button 
  4. Update the employment status to 'Terminated' or 'Active'
  5. Hit 'Save' to finish

The employee's status will update and you will also see a pop-up on the bottom right-hand corner indicating that the status update was successful. 

Terminated Status

If an employee's status is set to 'Terminated' the employee will no longer show up on the contribution grid when submitting a contribution. 

Employed Status

If you want to rehire someone you can easily switch them back to 'Employed' in which case the employee will show up on the contributions grid when submitting a contribution.